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Lists all questions and answers about the product : Original Prabhupada Audio COMPLETE on 128GB USB Drive

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Question: Hare Krishna. I have a question. Does this 128 GB USB stick also have the original Prabhupada Hare Krishna mantra japa both indiviual and the group japa in it?

 Answer: Yes, it should have both as this is a complete audio collection of Srila Prabhupada recordings.

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Question: Has this been tested and cars? I want this audio from my car because I have a USB port in the car. Many of these only work in computers

 Answer: Yes, this USB will only work on your computer.

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Question: Hare Krishna , I\\\'m from India , and have one question regarding USB drive . Can we copy all data on computer/laptop from usb drive ??? I\\\'m very much instrested in purchasing . Please some one help . Haribol !!!

 Answer: Yes, you should be able to copy the data from the USB drives onto your laptop or computer.

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