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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: Jelena of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/06/2013

Title: Thank you

Thank you fast and accurate delivery. Hari Bol! God Bless you

Testimonial by: Parvati of Arica, Chile, south america

Date added: 10/18/2012

Title: Beautiful Tulsi

I finally have my things in my hands and...HARE KRSNA! everything is even more beautiful than i expected, the kuntis are amazing, and the delivery was totally in time. thank you so much for everything, i told about this webpage to the local devotees and they will buy more things from you, and also will i, thank you for bringing the mercy of krsna into my life! JAY!

Testimonial by: Linda Johnson Fulcher of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/12/2019

Title: Outstanding Service.

I am so grateful that I am able to purchase quality items from your online store. I ordered Ladies bead bags, Neem Japa beads, Japa counting beads, copper tongue scrapers, and copies of Path of Perfection. Most items are being given as gifts, so it's very nice that they are well made and arrived in excellent condition. All products were securely packaged, and delivered a timely fashion. I will definitely order from this website again. Thank you.

Testimonial by: Lerma Ajanovic of California, United States

Date added: 10/13/2011

Title: Prompt delivery,great prices,outstanding communication!!!

I fully recommend to everyone to buy products from this site.We are very pleased with the quality of all items,timely delivery and prompt communication. Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Gilson Bartholdy of Brasil

Date added: 04/27/2013

Title: Amazing!

I just received two prints and I am amazed with the print quality, service and prices, certainly became a loyal customer.

Testimonial by: Merete of Bergen, Norway

Date added: 08/01/2018

Title: Fantastic service and fast shipping

I am very happy for your service and fantastic shipping. The product were carefully wrapped and in perfefect condition when it arrived. Thank you so much! Hare Krishna from Norway

Testimonial by: Arielle Cienega of Canada

Date added: 01/07/2019

Title: Shopping online at is a pleasure.

Hare Krishna! I am very pleased with the service and selection offered online at the I am a return customer many times. The wooden bookstand for my Gita is lovingly made and a great value as well. It will be well used. Thank you and blessings for 2019.

Testimonial by: Callum of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/27/2019

Title: Great Service

Quick delivery and great quality products.Will definitely order again. Hare Krishna.

Testimonial by: Steve Williams of Australia

Date added: 03/25/2018

Title: great service, lovely products

Easy ordering system, great communication, and perfect products :)

Testimonial by: Lorraine Piechowski of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/06/2018

Title: Happy!

Very pleased with the items received. It exceeded my expectations. Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Poonam of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/19/2014

Title: Beautiful!!

Beautiful clothes and jewelry for the deities. I love my purchases from here and will be ordering in the future as well. It's exciting that it comes straight from Mathura

Testimonial by: Siksastaka Dasa of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/10/2016

Title: Thank you for allowing me to hear Srila Prabhupada saying Gayatr

At the prompting of a senior devotee, after 30 years, I am again taking up chanting the Gayatri mantra, and hearing it for the first time from Srila Prabhupada, thanks to It's invaluable to hear from the guru. Thank you.

Thank you for allowing me to hear Srila Prabhupada saying Gayatr
Testimonial by: Ivan K. of Moscow, Russia

Date added: 01/05/2013

Title: Amazing collection

The full Praphupada collection in EPUB format is truly irreplaceable. Amazing value, superb quality for the ebook format, it is amazing to have the full book collection for such value. Amazing job, Hare Krishna!!!

Testimonial by: Chloe Skelton of London, United Kingdom

Date added: 04/17/2012

Title: Gifts sent from Heaven!!!

I have made 3 purchases from the Krishna Store so far and i always get such a thrill when a package arrives for me from India!!! I have purchased the Japa Chanting Kit, and also items for my little altar (which i attach a photo). i am waiting for my Murti of Srila Prabhapada to arrive and also a Laddu Gopal Deity to complete my little shrine. I have only a small apartment, so the Hare Krishna Travelling Temple, and the Morning Program CDs were a God-send for me, as i have limited space. the packages are prepared soooo beautifully and obviously with much love and respect for the precious items enclosed. I have been absolutely delighted and thrilled with every aspect of my shopping experience...Thank Lord Krishna that this beautiful on-line shop exists, as getting to a Temple is very difficult for me, as i am in ill health, so in my home i have a little Temple of my own, and dear Srila Prabhupada's Books are great encouragement for me. i would like to thank all the Devotees who make this site possible, and all those involved with such fantastic customer service... Hari Bol !!!!

Gifts sent from Heaven!!!
Testimonial by: Bhakti Devi Dasi of Victoria, Australia

Date added: 11/19/2019

Title: Very Happy with the Service

I was very happy to receive the new Balaram Mrdanga head for our Mrdanga, in record time. The item was also well packaged to protect from damage. Very happy with the service.

Testimonial by: Meera Baboolal of South Africa

Date added: 03/04/2018

Title: Love my Puchase

Hare Krishna Dear Krishna store Devotees. Thank you for your professional service. I was kept up to date w.r.t my order shipment. All items were as ordered, and are beautiful. I will definitely shop at your site again. Stay Blessed Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Carmen Andino of San Juan Puerto AaaRixoUnited States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/30/2017

Title: Great , reliableservice


Testimonial by: Tamil Mani Kathiresan of Malaysia

Date added: 11/07/2011

Title: Fulfilling Expectations!

Since I ordered prints, I was worried about damage occuring in transit. However, upon receipt of those prints, I was thrilled. They were in superb condition. Thank you for fulfilling my expectations of excellent service.

Testimonial by: Robert Covington of Flordia USA

Date added: 08/05/2014

Title: excellent artwork

i received each and every photo is excellent condition. All the artwork from BBT and other devotee artists is outstanding in its own way. i use the copies to give to visitors etc at the temple here in Alachua. My service. thank you again for all your hard work. Peace.

Testimonial by: David R Cavall of North Carolina, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/09/2013

Title: Great Price and Service!

The price of The Bhagavad-Gita As It Is with a complimentary DVD and book was very inexpensive. Having these items have been a blessing to my spiritual and devotional life. I received them in the mail within a week after ordering them, I was surprised and pleased at how quickly they came. I deeply appreciate Krishna Store and what they do.

Testimonial by: Chris H. of BC, Canada

Date added: 06/23/2013

Title: Great Tulsi Necklace

Great looking tulsi necklace. Quick shipping as well. Well worth it.

Testimonial by: Chrissever Contreras of California, United States

Date added: 12/23/2011

Title: Thank you

Thank you very much for all the service. Really loved the items.

Testimonial by: Caroline of Lancs

Date added: 02/26/2013

Title: With thanks

Another great experience shopping with Krishnastore. Thank you so much for providing such a great service, not everyone has access to temple shops and not everyone is able to travel to obtain devotional supplies so it's a great help. My latest order arrived beautifully packaged, it had travelled safely from Vrindavan and it smelled divine. Can't wait to order again. Many many thanks, CAT.

Testimonial by: Alex of Florida

Date added: 07/19/2011

Title: tilaka and other things

I received my kanthi mala as well as my tilaka. now I want to buy the arati puja set as well as the offering plates so badly it is crawling in my skin. cant wait to save up to buy it. =]

Testimonial by: Baichnie Ramnauth of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/06/2014

Title: Krishna

The name Krishna gave me the inspiration to first order, but after get all their product, one by one, they are best value and fit beautiful, I love their CD of Srila Prabhuapha, very inspiration songs, shipping is great and timely.

Testimonial by: Theater und Philharmonie Essen Kostümabteilung of Germany

Date added: 06/26/2017

Title: every thing fine.

The suits will be used as a Basic Children Kostüm in the Oper: "Hänsel&Gretel" we batikt them, the look realy nice. Thanks for now Blessings for your Work sinsierly Ulrich Lott

Testimonial by: Philippe Raynaud of Hong Kong

Date added: 03/08/2014

Title: Vridavan Flower Incense

I was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of my order within days of ordering it. Thank you for being so efficient and prompt in processing online orders.

Testimonial by: Homny Dhirandra of Portugal

Date added: 03/25/2017

Title: Loved

I loved all canvas, and the service Is perfect

Testimonial by: Galya Raycheva of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/15/2012

Title: My experience with Hare Krshna store

These depictions of GOD KRISHNA are my favourite. They make wonders when I contemplate them. I began to remember all these stories, they are preserved in my cell memory - like in all people, who may not understand it yet. Thats all. Remain with all my love: Galya Hare Krishna, dear friends

Testimonial by: Liliane Coppens of Belgium

Date added: 01/31/2015

Title: Great service

Thank you for the good service and fast delivery. Items were as described and very beautiful. I am a satisfied costumer.

Testimonial by: Nicole Poirier of Moncton, NB

Date added: 06/14/2016


Hare Krishna! I have ordered many times from Krishna Store and every time I am 100% satisfied, no doubt about it! The quality and service of the devotees is exceptional! Trust me, you will never be disappointed! Hare Bol!

Testimonial by: charles sedan of san antonio tx

Date added: 05/07/2010

Title: Very Happy with the Cookbook!

Just recived the cookbook, The Hare Krishna Vegeterian Cookbook, and am very happy with it. Many other vegetarian cookbooks I've bought are written solely for health, or solely spirituality, but this one contains both. It is true that when the body is healthy, so is the soul and vis a versa. Thank you.

Testimonial by: Andrew Morgan of UK

Date added: 01/27/2018

Title: Lovely little thing

Delivered direct from a sacred part of India, the little silver vial is hand made and looks that way. I've put locks of my childrens hair in mine. I had to glue the lid in to keep it together, as it came loose, so I might buy a medium sized one next time for this reason.

Testimonial by: Yury Plashenkov of Omsk, Russia

Date added: 01/28/2012

Title: Very Happy With My Purchase

The books are really perfect and of exclusive quality. I am very satisfied and happy. The support is great too. :-) Thank you very much! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and all sincere devotees of the Lord! Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Maria Mach of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/19/2015

Title: round tulsi japa beeds

very very nice, just I liked. Arrive in good time

Testimonial by: Blake Carney of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/28/2019

Title: Great product, price & service

I always have experience shopping at this site because of the quality products, prompt service at a great price.

Testimonial by: Ramananda Gaura Dasa of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/07/2018

Title: Extremely Happy

We are extremely happy and contented with Krishna Store's personalized service. We had ordered 3 pictures on canvas on 9th April 2018 to celebrated my son in-laws birthday on 15 April 2018. We learnt that the consignment would take 3 weeks to arrive. We checked the status after 3 weeks and it showed that the consignment has arrived in Dubai, UAE but yet to be delivered. We had waited until first week June but there was no news of the consignment nor its delivery. Since we were moving away permanently from Dubai, UAE to Chennai, India, and since the consignment had not been delivered in Dubai, we requested "Krishna Store" if this can be rerouted and delivered in Chennai. Guess what? we received the consignment in Chennai. Thanks a lot to "Krishna Store" An important thing to remember for those living in Islamic countries -- If you need items like these please get it to your (non-Islamic) home country address and then you can personally take it over to wherever you stay. Otherwise you might face similar "non-delivery status or a non-traceable status" and can wait endlessly for your consignment.

Testimonial by: Sanjay Gadhia of Leicester, UK

Date added: 03/25/2016

Title: Great

Shopping is a great experience and very easy. Customer support is swift and informative.

Testimonial by: Susan Fiori of Victoria, Australia

Date added: 01/09/2014

Title: Effecient and Professional

Ordered two books - one for me personally (for my whole family) and one for the boss (for his vegetarian daughter) for Christmas and asked that it be sent in one package (even though two separate transactions). And very efficiently we received, exceptionally packaged together. Very very happy. Love this book. Had a vegetarian relative who cooked the whole meal from this book for our entire family, and we loved the food so much that I had to get the book for myself. We now cook at least one meal a week from this book. Thank you :)

Testimonial by: Devi Das of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/14/2015

Title: Awesome Books

I purchased several children's books from this site . The books are very colorful and very nice to read. My child loves them and knows all the krishna stories. I will definetly be purchasing more books.

Testimonial by: Rajeswari Nalakurthi of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/10/2015

Title: I got all the goods I ordered in a very good shape

I received my order in a very good condition and I'm completely satified. Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Indira Dasi of Netherlands, Europe

Date added: 02/13/2017

Title: All-round very good!

Hare Krsna! The devotees maintain a very efficient website with many interesting and useful products. Their service is very kind and gentle and the deliveries are made with much care for the wrapping of the articles over great distances. I will certainly come back for the saris and petticoats. They are really nice and the measures are correct. Everything directly from Loi Bazar! Jaya Radhe!

Testimonial by: Rasika Dave of uk

Date added: 09/05/2014

Title: Excellent Service

Krishna store was very easy to find what I was looking for. The process for ordering was also very easy. Most important they were quick to confirm the order and I was able to track its progess. My order was sent and recieved quickly without any stress. I was very satisfied and happy dealing with Krishna Store and will definately use their services again. Haribol, Rasika

Testimonial by: Abbeygale Quinn of Russia

Date added: 11/28/2018

Title: Everything Is Awesome

I've been ordering things here for a long time, and I am always pleased with my products. The products ship very quickly, even to Russia, and customer support is always fast and friendly. Jai!

Testimonial by: Mohan Ramphal of Canada

Date added: 05/02/2016

Title: Srimad Bhagavatam

I bought this volume set, shipment arrived in time, well packaged. I love the print quality. The binding is great and overall satisfactory. Highly recommended!

Testimonial by: Karen Torrance of Qld, Australia

Date added: 06/17/2012

Title: Worry free shopping

I was very pleased with my purchases from the Krishna Store. The natural oil and cook books were of high quality, just as I had hoped. The service was excellent and the delivery very prompt. It was a pleasure to shop and I will do so again!

Testimonial by: Joseph Thomas of Alaska, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/23/2013

Title: At last, a step toward understanding

For many years I had wanted to read the Bhagavad Gita for myself and find the Krishna so many others had spoken of. Unfortunately, all the other versions I tried were either heavily opinionated so as to support only the author's point of view and presented Krishna as a myth. With Bhagavad Gita As It Is I have found a resource for understanding the work itself as it was intended to be understood. The book includes with every passage in Sanskit Devanagari, the same passage translated word for word in English, and then a transliteration followed by a very detailed meaning and context of the passage. The detail put into this book truly lives up to its reputation as a perfect handbook for western students seeking to understand Krishna as the perfect personality of Godhead. Because of the word for word translation, my Sanskrit has also grown in understanding and vocabulary. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Hare Krsna!

Testimonial by: Amrita Gopala Dasi of United Kingdom

Date added: 04/14/2015

Title: Fantastic service!

I am so thrilled with my purchase from the Krishna store. The service is excellent. To receive a package from Sri Dham Vrindavan is most exciting. I received my package in a very timely fashion, and I was very impressed to get tracking information before it arrived. Well done, dear servants of the servants of the most beloved Lord! Hare Krsna!

Testimonial by: Archana of North Caroline (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/27/2017

Title: Love!

Hari Bol! The products arrived quickly though from so far. They were nicely made and I loved the clothes for the deities, beautifully made. The fact the product are made in India is special to me. Thanks for the quick delivery and good quality of clothes.

Testimonial by: Shreekesh Madri of India

Date added: 03/17/2020

Title: In Search of Original Prabhupada’s books

I read on the Internet that Sri Prabhupada’s books were being slowly given unauthorised changes. So I was in search of the original books. I had seen one or two websites claiming to be publishing the original books. But how will I know, which is the original and what are the changes made, and so I did not take any action presuming that all these are just marketing gimmicks. I then saw the book changes website showing exactly where the changes are made. I checked them with my existing books and sadly discovered that all the books I had were the changed books. Again and again I would type Sri Prabhupada’s book changes to see what are the websites that would come up in google. Then I typed Original Prabhupada books. I went into Prabhupada’s and reached your website. This time I decided to buy few books first and you got my first order. I found the Teachings of Lord Chaitanya and Bhagavadgita Gita to be Originals. Then I confidently gave you my second order and the third order ( yet to come). So, all I can say is that you are doing a great Service to Krishna and Sri Prabhupada by printing these original books. Please continue to do so. Hare Krishna

In Search of Original Prabhupada’s books
Testimonial by: Paulo Paliosa of Brasil - RS

Date added: 11/26/2015

Title: Completely satisfied

as always everything went perfectly well! Thanks to Krishna Store. Haribol

Testimonial by: Terry of London UK

Date added: 08/09/2012

Title: Great quality and price

The kurtas are great, it was nice to have a choice to get Jute as it is softer! Delivery and service is excellent as always. Shop with confidence and support a Krishna conscious enterprise.

Testimonial by: Lee Smith of u.k. england

Date added: 02/24/2020

Title: everything good

all goods orderd arrived well packed and all in good condition, no problems,thank you, Hari Bol.

Testimonial by: Theresa M Yankovoy of Milton

Date added: 07/16/2017

Title: Lovely service and devotional product

I received a well packaged devotional product. I could feel the devotion in the product as I opened it. I am very happy with the Tilak!

Testimonial by: Antônio José de Freitas of Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

Date added: 02/27/2012

Title: Visvavandya Dasa from Sao Paulo Brazil

I am very much satisfied and happy in receiving my order at my home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. That is amazing. All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga. Thank you very much. My best regards. I want to buy much more.

Visvavandya Dasa from Sao Paulo Brazil
Testimonial by: Barbara of Uusimaa, Finland

Date added: 05/14/2014

Title: Haribol

Such wonderful items taking one step closer to Krsna! Thank You! Hare Krsna!

Testimonial by: Mia Lambert of Croatia

Date added: 01/29/2016

Title: Happy customer

I'm ever returning happy and gratefull customer. I'm very pleased with the quality of items I bought, mostly deity clothes and crowns, but also incense sticks, books, etc. Prices are also ok. It would be realy perfect if there were deity clothes for Ekadashi (red, silver) and for monday (white).

Happy customer
Testimonial by: Bhakta Bill of West Virginia, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/12/2019

Title: Great service

Nice efficient service, products ordered arrived as I ordered. I am happy with everything I have received from "The Krsna Store" because of the high quality and reasonable prices of all I got! Hare Krishna, Bhakta Bill

Testimonial by: Shaun Walker of Arizona, United States

Date added: 02/02/2011

Title: thank you:)

thank you, our son loves the dolls you sent us:) hugs for you:) namaste:)

Testimonial by: Stephen Holcroft of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/31/2013

Title: Perfect transcendental products

Perfectly priced, packaged and posted items! Thank you for assisting me with products that nurture my inceasing Krishna consciousness. Thank you and Hare Krisha

Testimonial by: Sri Nandanandana Dasa of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 11/01/2019

Title: Great Stuff

The merchandise that was bought was for my wife, but she really liked the material and the fit of everything that she received. So, she will definitely buy from the next time she needs any clothes like this. We are glad to have found what she did, because it is not always so easy to locate these kinds of items. Thanks so much and Hare Krishna.

Testimonial by: Norman Bolter of MA United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/20/2018

Title: Love it!

Love the books I ordered which are the entire 30 volumes of the Srimad Bhagavatam. The books themselves are exquisite. The covers are beautiful and so are the pictures inside each volume. The best part is the rich content of these scriptures. It is really helping and deepening my relationship with Krishna. It is also wonderful as a ready reference when I watch the marvelous videos of Srlla Prabhupada when he quotes from any of the cantos, I can go look them up and study them and read the purports. It is such an enlightening resource that is so full in it's spiritual content weaving together many other writings as well (like the Bhagavad Gita). My sincerest gratitude to Srila Prabhupada and the devotees that do the devotional service to make this priceless treasure available. Hare Krishna! Norman

Testimonial by: McClain Porter of colorado, United States

Date added: 02/17/2011

Title: Thank You

I have been in the "core corriculum" schools of the United States for about 16 years, and not one of the hundreds of books that I have encountered along this path have resonated in my mind with such truths as the Bhagavad-Gita. Since finishing the Gita I have began reading and studying the Srimad-Bhagavatam which has deepened my understanding of the Vedic faith. Through these readings I have come to understand how belittled the common knowledge is that is spread throughout the human race in today's age. It is this fundamental undertanding that has led to my curiousity of any programs you might have in order to fully emerse myself in the this culture in order to further my pregression of truth and real knowledge. I thank the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust for keeping Swami-Prabhupada's teachings in circulation and hope to hear from you soon.

Testimonial by: Daniel Lessard of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/02/2014

Title: Hare Krishna!

My tulasi necklace is awesome!! It is very nice and thank you all so much for your service!

Testimonial by: Nisha Lakhani of New York , United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/11/2013

Title: Excellent quality!

I ordered a t- shirt (white with Om embroidery) which of excellent quality! I really did not expect it to be some lovely- so I'll definitely be ordering more! I also ordered several Radha And Krishna outfits for my idols and was so pleased with them! They are so beautiful! I will definitely be going back to the store for more items!

Testimonial by: Sri of Texas,United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/07/2018

Title: Peacock feather diety fan

Very happy with the purchase. Items are as described. Its a beautiful piece to any place of worship.

Testimonial by: Antonello Tittoni of Italy

Date added: 10/16/2015

Title: Good

Thank's very much for the success of my order. I like the products, the smell of the incense is very good and the tulsi is what I was finding. Sorry for my bad english. Hare krishna Francesca and Antonello

Testimonial by: Maheswari of QC

Date added: 08/13/2011

Title: Srila Prabhupada's Original Books for Kindle

No need to spend hundreds of dollars for book sets that you always wanted to read! It takes very little space in your home and it does the same job! I am very excited to finally have easy access to Srila Prabhupada's books, like the Srimad Bhagavatam & the Caitanya Caritamrta. Just for that, it's totally worth it! But there's so many to read!!! That only shows how good Srila Prabhupada was a great scholar and devoted to his work. The set up for the Kindle was really easy. Just make sure your pc recognize Kindle files, because my older pc couldn't recognize the Kindle device nor the book files. Overall, that's the best thing that could be done for ppl like me on low budget & little space!

Testimonial by: Nereo Noro of ITALY

Date added: 08/13/2012

Title: Satisfied

Excellent service,i have purchased many items:the everest incense is delightful and the multicolor wallet is very necessary for travelers;i also pleased by the speed of delivery...thank you very much,Hari bolo NEREO

Testimonial by: Sandhya Thirunagari of London, UK

Date added: 01/07/2018

Title: Lord Krishna painting

I recently ordered Lord Krishna (with deer and peacock) poster, the largest 48 inches one. Was pleasantly surprised by the amount of care they took in wrapping such a large poster and send it in such a beautiful condition. Very very impressed. Bless them who did it with such love and care.

Testimonial by: Mick Miller of Florida. USA

Date added: 07/25/2015

Title: Srila Prabhupada Murti

Very happy with Srila Prabhupada and Krishna Store. I can do japa along with my Spiritual Master. Thank you. hare kṛṣṇa hare kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa hare hare hare rāma hare rāma rāma rāma hare hare

Testimonial by: Vikram Ranga of New Delhi, India

Date added: 09/04/2016

Title: Excellent

I was little sceptical about it when I ordered it and remained so before its first wash. After its first wash the real texture and smoothness came to the Kurta. I love its feeling and this color looks really nice. The only thing which I felt missing is : its length but its just my preference. So in this price this kurta is unbeatable!!!

Testimonial by: Bhakta Aniruddha of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Date added: 08/24/2019

Title: I am extremely grateful to; Bhaktivedanta Ar

Dearest Śrīla Prabhupāda, please do not leave us, for without your lotus feet we have no shelter. We are trying to distribute more books. Your eternal servants at Sydney Mandir.

Testimonial by: Elena of UK

Date added: 08/16/2018

Title: Amazing products & service

Hare Krishna, Thank you for all the high quality products you sell. There are unique pieces and superb collections. Furthermore, the customer service is very helpful and trustworthy. Excellent. Gratitude HElena

Testimonial by: Claire Calvert of United Kingdom

Date added: 04/14/2013

Title: Excellent Store

I am extremely pleased with my purchases from this store. They are high quality and arrived quickly. The site is easy to use and purchases are of great value. I can highly recommend this store and will order from them again without hesitation. The products are authentic and well made.

Testimonial by: Ricky Morgan of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/01/2012

Title: Couldnt be happier

Excellent quality, perfect.

Testimonial by: L Crow Wmb of UK

Date added: 01/05/2016

Title: A shopping site clearly run by human beings, thank you.

It was a pleasure to buy online from the Krishna store. I do not like to shop - period. The email contact I received from the people running the Krishna store was refreshingly customer service through the wires. i bought the 'Gita for my son as a home coming gift from his time staying on the Krishna Farm in Australia. It was easy to order and arrived promptly with courteous service. Many thanks, much appreciated!

Testimonial by: Jahnudvipa Das of Florida, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/02/2012

Title: Fantastic service and products

Hare Krsna- Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my purchase. Service was prompt, everything well packaged for shipping. Regarding the quality of the merchandise, everything was a hihger quality than I had expected, based on price. I will definitely be ordering from you in the future. Thanks!

Testimonial by: Derek Rystrom of California, United States

Date added: 01/11/2012

Title: Wonderful Presents

Hare Krishna,I ordered the mixed 12 pack of aromatic flower oils and the 3.5" Kartals as presents for the holiday season. Both were received enthusiastically and with the desire to know were more of these could be acquired. Looks as though there will be at least one more customer at Krishna store.

Testimonial by: Kathryn McFrazier of Ohio, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/13/2018

Title: Shawls

Received merchandise as scheduled. ☺

Testimonial by: Sharyn Sutherland of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/08/2012

Title: Great

Many thanks for your prompt service.Was apleasure to deal with you!

Testimonial by: Jadhu Krishna Das of MO, USA

Date added: 08/23/2011

Title: Excellent service from KrishnaStore

I appreciate making the Little Krishna videos available at such a low price and with such prompt delivery. The videos arrived in excellent condition. These are wonderful videos that touch the heart of a devotee.

Testimonial by: Lisa Kellett of United Kingdom

Date added: 01/12/2015

Title: Excellent Service

Very pleased with how quickly my order arrived. It was also very well packaged. Many thanks and will definitely be back for more.

Testimonial by: Doug of North Carolina USA

Date added: 01/22/2018

Title: Thank-you

the books arrived within ten days! Great! The incense & pants came much later from India! Worth the wait! Thank-You! I would like a 2018 Krisha Calendar to order?----Douglass Van Hayden

Testimonial by: Melissa Aggerwal of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/23/2013

Title: Everything came perfectly

All items in my order came as expected with no problems. Thank you

Testimonial by: Peter of Sweden

Date added: 09/07/2015

Title: Very nice to have Srila Prabhupada's books in Kindle format. Har

Hare Krishna, Bought Prabhupada's books in Kindle format. Basically instant access after purchase. Incredible price for the entire collection. 5/5 Haribols for this wonderful download :)

Very nice to have Srila Prabhupada's books in Kindle format. Har
Testimonial by: Samanta Mondet of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/04/2014

Title: my t-shirt

my experience with you is very good .the t-shirt are very nice design,colors and cotton.the shipping method is wonderful and no more expensive.thank you

Testimonial by: Yash Karia

Date added:

Title: Creates a spiritual dimension

Adds a much needed spiritual/devotional dimension to the room. Looks very nice. The image extends to the borders in the canvas wrap option and is also lightweight. (Suggestion: could be better if there was an option to collect items as delivery costs can be bit high). But very happy nonetheless.

Testimonial by: Peter Smith of Qld Australia

Date added: 08/14/2014

Title: Vital Brilliant salvation TRUTH

The reincarnation information in the "COMING BACK" book that I buy that changed my life in a practical way 35 years ago because I realised that I was responsible for my animal cruelty, my criminal and lusty behaviour, and have the privilege to donate to other entities to give them a similar chance and to chant on a daily basis.

Testimonial by: Mahesh Kumar B N of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/06/2012

Title: Very good service and good quality DVDs

The delivery and tracking service was very good. DVDs are good quality and my daughter enjoyed every story on the DVD. I think this is good way to show our Hindu culture for abroad families and their kids. As a adults me and my wife also enojoyed each every part of episodes. Good buy and value for money, I look forward for similar videos to buy for my kids.

Testimonial by: Satya Prema Paz of Florida, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/22/2012

Title: My Sari..... My beautiful Sari's.........

I am extremly pleased with how my order was handled. I want to dress according to how I spiritually feel. I wanted to find a sari that was simple and elegant. 'When I received my sari's, I was blown away. The pictures on the web, don't really show how beautiful, the sari's are. My order was very large. I ordered at least 1 sari from each catagory. I could see my self buying more. I also brought a couple of handbags. I can't tell you how many people ask me where did I find them. THE HARI KRISHNA STORE IS THE SORCE!! HARI BOL!

Testimonial by: Elena S. of Scotland, United Kingdom

Date added: 01/30/2011

Title: Highly recommendable, thank you

Thank you Krishna Store. I recently ordered 2 pictures, stainless steal offering plates and a bell for Deity worship. The pictures were delivered immediately 3 days after the order, whereas the second part of the order took about 7-10 days because it was shipped from India. I was so excited to receive the second parcel when I saw the size of it and especially when I saw the name of the sender and the location: Vrindavana! The quality of all the items was great, thank you. Would use the store again for more Krishna conscious articles :) Haribol

Testimonial by: Richard Hammond of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/18/2014

Title: Prabhupada Nectar

Very happy to have received the Prabhupada dvd collection-Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai!!

Testimonial by: Vimala of New Jersey, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/26/2016

Title: Purchases were a good value for the cost

By purchasing from your site, I was able to find clothing difficult to find yoga clothing inexpensively. I did not photograph myself the clothes, but I especially enjoyed wearing the Jai Jagannath T-shirt in a group situation in the presence of my guru.

Testimonial by: Nilesh Dalal of Florida, USA

Date added: 07/15/2016

Title: Jai Srila Prabhupada!

Once having learnt about the unauthorized book changes of Srila Prabhupada's books and having learnt of many more other unauthorized activities I depend upon only who are the REAL Prabhuapada's disciples by following His instructions to the letter. If you are interested in the PURE transcendental message of Srila Prabhupada look no further. They are not into the money and the new BBTI has become from the original BBT and the real interest of the Vaishnavas behind is to help Srila Prabhupada spread Sri Chaitanya's transcendental message to deliver any soul truly intertested to return home, back to Godhead.

Testimonial by: TW

Date added:

Title: Super excellent Teachings of Lord Caitanya edition

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the super excellent beautiful edition of Teachings of Lord Caitanya. The watercolor endplates of Banares and all the color plates and b/w illustrations make it very special. Plus, knowing it is Prabhupada's original text. Thanks very much!

Testimonial by: Grace Dominguez Venegas of Chile

Date added: 11/22/2013

Title: Everything beautiful And in time!

My exPerience with the store has Been amazing, all the products are beautiful And what You see in the site, with An amazing spiritual power, this stores has brought the Love Of krsna into my house, family And heart. Thank You so much.

Testimonial by: Sunil Kalia of London, United Kingdom

Date added: 02/02/2011

Title: Beautiful

I am happy with the products that were sent to me. They were sent in decent packaging and arrived efficiently. The product itself is beautiful. Thank you.

Testimonial by: Amita Vyas of Romford, United Kingdom

Date added: 05/30/2016

Title: Absolutely stunning

Very easy and smooth transaction. And absolutely stunning picture quality. The print it self is very very clear and got it delivery fairly quickly. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

Testimonial by: Jai Kali Ma

Date added:

Title: Purchased and am happy!

I was so excited the day my order arrived from Vrindavan. My tulsi beads are absolutely divine. I bought the Radha Krsna CD because I had heard "Govinda" and was immediately blissed out. The whole CD just transports you to a higher state of consciousness. I purchased various incenses but so far the ones I have tried are intense and fill the atmosphere with bliss. I bought the tongue scraper and though I haven't used it yet I can tell it is of good quality. Everything at a decent cost makes it all the more divine. Hare Krishna!

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