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Lists all questions and answers about the product : Mridanga Drum - Tilak (25")

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Question: Hare Krsna! Jaya Prabhupada! My mrdanga arrived today. The sound is flat and muffled, as though the drum has something inside. Is this so? Should I do something to prepare it for playing? Your servant, Deva-Sanga

 Answer: There should not be anything inside of the drum. If the sound of the drum is a little flat it probably just needs to be tightened. This is done simply by lifting the rubber ring around the heads up to expose the screws on the metal tension ring. These screws can be tightened evenly around the head with an allen wrench, until the sound is as you like. 

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Question: Does this come with the strap, or would that have to be purchased separately?

 Answer: These drums do include the strap.

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Question: Hare Krishna, Do you provide a carry bag or should it be purchased separately?

 Answer: The drum comes in a thin cotton sack with a draw string to protect it from scratching, but there is no handle so it is not really a carry bag.

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