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Cute Krishna's Cows White 2.5" size (Set of 2)

Very cute set of two white Krishna's cows with golden horns and necklace. Size is about 2.5 inches long. Very good for keeping on alter.

Price:  $21.62  $16.97 
Currently viewing:  Cute Krishna's Cows White 2.5" size (Set of 2)

Customer Questions and Answers:

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Question: Are they 2.5 inch height or length

Answer: This the length of the statues.This the length of the statues. see less
By Vishvambar das on May, 31 2019

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Question: Namaste, are these resin or plastic? Thanks.

Answer: This are made Poly-resin. This are made Poly-resin.  see less
By Madhudvisa dasa on Oct, 05 2020

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