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Testimonial by: Govindanandini Dasi of New Jersey USA

Date added: 08/15/2016

Title: Gold Mine for those searching for the treasure of the Holy Name

This book is a gold mine if you are searching for the treasure of the Holy Name! It is a compilation of ALL of Srila Prabhupada's writings on chanting the holy name, categorized under different themes like Theology of the Holy Name, Effects of, Practice of, etc and further sub-categorized according to specific subject matter. There are references to the verse numbers and names of books where from they are compiled. I am using it for last ten years and has helped me tremendously to improve my faith and quality of chanting. It is a great book for preaching the glories of the holy name. A great gift idea to give to those who are newly introduced to chanting. It is very reasonably priced. When the mind is not cooperating to chant, I just open any random page and read a few paragraphs. That proves enough for my mind to focus quickly. This book needs to be preserved until the end of Kali yuga!!

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